A simple way to have success is to put the Human element in every strategy. Therefore, our motto is to always have a care, listen and understand our employees, our companions for many years. In addition to resolving the local employment needs, improving the material life and spiritual life of workers, we have also opened the way for them to improve and learn the good experience from technical specialist. Along with the appropriate rewards, compliance with the provisions of labor law and insurance policies, comprehensive health care so that our employees are assured, become fond of the company and work with the best performance. In addition, INTERFISH leadership is a pioneer in community support activities, actively participating in charitable programs, contributing to the local development.

At the same time, being environmentally responsible is the first criterion in our company's development plan. At the Pangasius farming area, we have completed the systems of sedimentation, filtration and waste treatment according to current hygienic standards. At the factory, INTERFISH Company Ltd. invested in building an advanced and quality technology process to treat processing wastewater. In addition, all members of the Company are trained and committed to realize energy savings, use environmentally friendly materials, creating a green-clean-beautiful work area.

We understand your worry about unhealthy foods, and we desire our relatives and consumers to have faith and feel assured when they use INTERFISH products, so we always check the quality seriously from fingerlings to adult fishes. And when the pangasius are processed, they are always guaranteed to be fresh thanks to our factory who has location next to the river, so it's very convenient for transportation.

With the principle of respecting consumers' health, we always give priority to controlling the disease and color of fish, especially no antibiotic residues in fish meat. Accordingly, our pangasius products are safe for health and have good quality. The harmonized and firm product structure helps fish not to disintegrate, shrinkage and no smell of mud, meet the standards of international market.

Therefore, INTERFISH Company Ltd has proudly received domestic and foreign certificates from farming area to production plant. This is the recognition from realization of our commitment and the motivation for INTERFISH to try harder to bring the best pangasius products to consumers all over the world.