INTERFISH - Professional manufacturer of pangasius products
INTERFISH is a company specializing in manufacturing pangasius products, providing suitable quality products to consumers. The company focuses on modern production processes, product quality and food safety to meet the needs of customers.
INTERFISH offers a wide range of pangasius products, including fresh, frozen, pangasius fillets, pangasius fillets, pangasius meat, cut pangasius, and butterfly-cut pangasius. All products are manufactured using advanced technology, ensuring freshness, great taste and full of healthy nutrients.
INTERFISH has a team of experienced and highly specialized staff who always research and update the advancements in production technology to bring the best quality products to customers. The company always puts food quality and safety first.
Production process
INTERFISH uses a closed production process, including the selection and inspection of raw materials, processing, storage, packaging and transportation of products. With advanced and modern production methods, products from INTERFISH can keep freshness for a long time and ensure maximum nutritional value. The production process meets Vietnamese and international standards such as HACCP, HALAL, BRCGS, ASC, SMETA...
INTERFISH always aims at sustainable development, bringing high-quality products to consumers, and helping promote the industry of producing products from Vietnamese pangasius.