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Try this great recipe for a summery fish dish. It tastes just as good cooked under the grill as it does on the barbeque, so you can still enjoy it all year round! Pangasius is ideal for this dish.
Pangasius is white meat with a sweet taste and processed many dishes, so it is often chosen by the women as ingredients for their menu.
A terrific combination between vegetable, prawn and pangasius with rice paper and fish sauces that you will love at first bite.
A good and easy recipe for a pangasius curry should be on everybody’s repetoire. This is a great one to try.
Make your quick and easy delicious pangasius fillet!
Fish and sour soup has a sweet taste from cooked fish combined with a sour and spicy taste from the accompanying spices and vegetables. Fish cooked in soup is usually a catfish living in freshwater such as pangasius, basa... In addition, the dish also uses mosquito nets, bean sprouts, okra to increase sweetness. Diners should use it with onions, fl
A beautiful sweet and sour dish of honey-mustard marinated pangasius on a bed of cucumber relish. Serve as an appetizer or party snack.
The delicious & popular salad with mango, vegetable & fish sauce combined with grilled pangasius will bring you a healthy & tasty dish. Idea for diet menu
Try this typical Louisiana recipe and see for yourself how well it combines with the Asian pangasius fish. You might as well convince 9 other people of this Gumbo’s great taste, as this recipe serves 10 persons.
Doesn’t this look delicious? Quick, easy and (most importantly) delicious.
Surprising wok dish with pangasius fillet and lots of vegetables. A healthy choice that fits perfectly into a diet. Also nice to combine with rice.
Don’t know what to eat for dinner? Try this caramelized chili pangasius fillet! Quick, easy and delicious.
A traditional and real yummy Vietnamese appetizer of Pangasius with lemon grass.
What a great idea!
Have yourself a happy soup day! This surprising dish that combines asparagus with pangasius is soft and tender and looks fenomenal.
The true pangasius superfood recipe. Quinoa and fish, served with slices of serrano ham, spinach and zucchini.
Tonight it is time for Pangasius to meet Italian cuisine. Is there a better place for pangasius fillet to be, than to be submerged in tomato sauce filled with fresh Italian herbs? We doubt it, enjoy your meal!
Beautiful pangasius fillets coated in a zesty citrus crunchy batter. Perfect for the whole family.
Delicious fish tortilla that will tickle your tastebuds with the secret ingredients of pangasius, shredded coconut and avocado. Perfect dish to serve your group of friends, they can all fill their wraps according to their own tastes.
Surprise your guests by serving them these beauties. The perfect combination of soft but sturdy squid tubes and a rich creamy filling.
These delicious rolls of pangasius stuffed with fresh tuna are the perfect party snack or appetiser. Serve with dill and lime mayonnaise.
A speedy fish supper for two, this recipe uses budget-friendly pangasius fillets; a flaky white fish with a delicate flavor similar to cod. Served with lightly crushed garlic potatoes and fresh and zesty chili and coriander salsa, this makes a delicious dinner and is ready in just 15 minutes. What’s more, it’s high in protein and a source of vi
This is a really quick and easy recipe which is perfect as an after work dinner.
A tasty and juicy dish with lots of flavor due to the bacon! This pangasius dish will surely become one of your regulars.
The most authentic sweet and spicy Vietnamese main course of Pangasius served with hot steamed rice
Pan fried pangasius with a wonderful crust of cashew nuts and spicy honey, served on a fresh mixed mango salad. Ideal as an appetiser or a party snack!
Quick and easy pangasius fillet with peppers and tomato recipe. Works well with some pasta and tomato sauce.
A healthy and quick recipe for those nights that you have limited time to prepare dinner, but long for a healthy hearty meal.
The perfect combination of soft pangasius fillet with a crunchy crust, accompanied by a fresh and healthy salad.
This recipe promises to elevate your pangasius fillets to heaven! The spices compliment the subtle taste of the fish and give it a real complex flavor.
Try this delicious Cajun styled fish dish with shrimp. Cajun cuisine is a way of cooking that developed in Louisiana by the Acadian (descendants of French colonists) population that fled Canada in the 18th century.
This pangasius superfood recipe makes a great combination of fish, salad and cranberries. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese and white balsamic vinaigrette dressing on top and you are definately in for a treat.
It is what you expect from Asian dishes, a mouthwatering seafood wok. A quick and healthy option to set your teeth into delicious seafood from Asia.
This colorful dish is a delight to look at, healthy and quick and easy to make.
Imagine yourself on a French terras with this tasty Mediterranean pangasius soup.
Hungry for some new recipes? Look no further.
A low fat fish curry that’s ready in a flash!
Doesn’t this look delicious? Quick, easy and (most importantly) delicious.