Agricultural start-up: Make money by extracting collagen from pangasius skin left

Every day, there are 8 tons of pangasius skin discarded in Vietnam and considered as waste products at low prices. Scientists manufacture technology to separate collagen from discarded products to increase the value of the fisheries industry.

Application of high technology in pangasius production for export

The application of high technology to production not only contributes to increasing added value for pangasius, but also brings the strength of production for sustainable development.

After covid - 19, seafood enterprises recovered thanks to European market

While the Chinese market dropped sharply, the European market became a support for seafood enterprises in April.

Preventing and treating pangasius disease effectively

To prevent disease well, before stocking new fish, farmers need to renovate the pond thoroughly by dredging all the mud from the bottom of the pond, repairing the edge of the puffiness, clearing the pond banks, drying the bottom pond. After that, farmers use chemicals to clean up to destroy predators, intermediate hosts, creatures competing for food with fish raised in the pond.