Cooperating to create pangasius value chain

At the end of May 2019, due to many impacts from gasoline prices, electricity prices dragged on feed prices, all kinds of drugs related to aquaculture increased.

lien ket tao chuoi ca tra

In this situation, the exporting of agricultural and aquatic products of Vietnamese enterprises remains stable in strategic products, although the market always has unfavorable developments. This is considered a step forward of enterprises when closely associated with farmers, creating sustainable farming areas, diversifying markets.

Currently, Mekong Delta farmers have stocked more than 1,432 ha of pangasius, of which 1,223 ha are harvested, the output is nearly 400,000 tons. An Giang, Dong Thap, Ben Tre and Can Tho are the 4 localities with the largest fish farming area in the region. Currently, the price of pangasius fluctuates at 24,000 - 25,000 VND / kg (down sharply compared to 2018). But at this price, farmers still have profit when linking to supply materials for processing factories.

Most pangasius farmers now are associated with a processing enterprise to reduce risks and ensure profits. "At present, the pangasius industry has about 80% of farming areas of farmers associated with enterprises. This is considered a great step forward of the Pangasius farming area of the Mekong Delta ", Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong said.

From the beginning of 2019 until now, the number of Vietnamese pangasius exports has decreased. However, according to experts, this is a "normal cycle". The price of Pangasius material in the Mekong Delta decreased, countries around the world are considering to assess the material area, inventory ... before deciding to import.

An optimistic signal is that the number of Vietnamese pangasius exports to the EU market has increased sharply as businesses have met their needs. Especially, the export value of pangasius increased in the markets of Netherlands, England, Germany and Belgium. In particular, value-added pangasius products, ASC labeled pangasius products (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) are tending to be favored and have higher import prices than other products. .

Forecasting, importers can continue to increase this product group in the future. This is considered as a flexible adaptation step of Vietnamese pangasius exporters when the Chinese consumer market recently showed signs of "stagnation".

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in 2019 the risk of disease outbreaks is quite high, while the quality of breeds has not been improved clearly, there are still some small establishments that have not participated in the link chain.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development noted: “Localities in the Mekong Delta need to assess the status of local linkages. Since then, there has been a solution to mobilize and guide people and enterprises to join in chain linkages, well control planning, not to let the situation of increasing breeding area exceed control. In particular, it is necessary to continue to link all stages of the value chain to link production with consumption and timely market information to proactively build appropriate production plans and limit risks of imbalance in supply and demand.

(Source: SGGP)