How to have the best pangasius products from ponds to factories and also to consumers? That is the desire nourished for many years by the Executive board of INTERFISH. Starting from pangasius farmer, we have strived to build a standard and quality seafood processing factory.

With the location next to Tien River, our pangasius ponds are provided with abundant natural water, creating a stable ecological environment. And we have invested seriously in research and application of international standards farming techniques, to ensure that our pangasius materials have good meat quality, according to export standards of global market, and put them into production plants.

Applying the long-term experience in controlling the quality of raw materials, and investing boldly in modern processing equipment lines to perfect the closed process of producing pangasius products, INTERFISH also applies information technology and automation technology to minimize errors during operation of the production lines, meeting with standards of international market and laws of Vietnam in the fisheries sector such as HACCP, GMP, ASC, BRC, HALAL, VIETGAP, ISO, etc.

INTERFISH seafood processing factory was inaugurated in first phase with a capacity of 70 tons of raw pangasius/ day and aims to inaugurate the second phase with the capacity of 115 tons of raw pangasius / day in the next 2 years. In combination with the development of the factory, in order to proactively obtain a stable material source, to feel assured with quality of products, our company also plans to expand farming areas to meet the increasing requirements of markets worldwide.

INTERFISH always respects the cooperation and credit of global partners to the quality of our company's products. Therefore, all members of INTERFISH Company, from leaders to production managers, technicians and employees, we were committed to always comply with the principles and constantly improve technology from farming areas to factory, to ensure our products are created with quality that meets international standards and consumer needs at competitive market prices.

Welcome to INTERFISH COMPANY LIMITED, we are very pleased to serve you.